Batteria Compatibile Alta Qualità FUJITSU SH AH Series 48Wh 6 Cell 10.8V 4400mAh




CoreParts Laptop Battery for Fujitsu 48Wh 6 Cell Li-ion 10.8V 4.4Ah Fpcbp283Ap, Fpcbp325-K, S26391-F795-L300, S26391-F956-L100,

Laptop Battery for Fujitsu 48Wh 6 Cell Li-ion 10.8V 4.4Ah

The growing demand for consumer electronic devices for home and leisure poses the challenge of upgrading, improving and enhancing existing devices. In CoreParts you will find a wide range of alternative batteries for Consumer Electronics, that matches the performance of your original device. All manufactured by high-end, certified and trusted suppliers.

Compatibile con:

Fujitsu Celsius Mobile H730, H720 FMV Lifebook E8310 Lifebook A Series AH77, AH572, AH56, AH55, AH52, A561/D Lifebook B Series AH78 Lifebook E Series E8310, E782, E781, E752, E751, E741 Lifebook L Series LH772, LH700, L1010 Lifebook P Series PH702, PH701, P8110, P772, P771, P770, P702, P701 Lifebook S Series SH792, SH782, SH772, SH771, SH762, SH761, SH760, SH572, SH561, SH560, S8225, S8220, S792, S782, S781, S762, S761, S760, S752, S751, S7111, S7110, S710, S6310 / S6311, S561, S2210 Lifebook T Series TH550, T580 Mostra di più


Battery Battery capacity 4400 mAh Battery capacity (Watt-hours) 48 Wh Battery technology Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery voltage 10,8 V Features Certification CE Country of origin China Product colour Black Quantity 1 Type Battery Other features Compatible products – Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E Series: E8310\n – Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S Series: S2210, S6310 / S6311, S7110, S7111, S8220, S8225 Number of batteries included 1 pc(s) Package dimensions Depth 12,5 cm Gross Weight 0,414 kg Height 4,5 cm Width 29,7 cm Product dimensions Net Weight (Product, kg) 0,31 kg Vendor information Brand Name CoreParts Warranty 1 Anno(i)


CP293550-01, CP458102-01, CP470833-XX, FMVNBP146, FMVNBP178, FMVNBP198, FMVNBP199, FPCBP145, FPCBP145AP, FPCBP218, FPCBP219, FPCBP219AP, FPCBP220, FPCBP220AP, FPCBP238AP, FPCBP281, FPCBP281AP, FPCBP282, FPCBP282AP, FPCBP282-K, FPCBP325-K

Compatibile anche con i modelli:

FMV-BIBLO MG/G70, FMV-BIBLO MG/G75, FMV-BIBLO MG50T, FMV-BIBLO MG55T, FMV-BIBLO MG75T, FMV-BIBLO R/E50, FMV-BIBLO R/E70, FMV-BIBLO S/C50, FMV-BIBLO S/D50, FMV-BIBLO S/G50, FMV-R8290, FMV-S8490, LifeBook AH572, LifeBook E751, LifeBook E752, LifeBook E8310, LifeBook LH700, LifeBook P701, LifeBook P771, LifeBook P771A, LifeBook PH702, LifeBook S7110, LifeBook S751, LifeBook S752, LifeBook S760, LifeBook S761, LifeBook S782, LifeBook S792, LifeBook SH560, LifeBook SH560/3A, LifeBook SH561, LifeBook SH760, LifeBook SH760/5A, LifeBook SH761, Lifebook SH771, LifeBook SH772, LifeBook SH782, LifeBook SH792, LifeBook T580 Tablet PC

Compatibile anche le parti:

cp293541-01, CP293550-01, CP355510-01, CP458102-01, FMVNBP146, FMVNBP177, FMVNBP178, FMVNBP190, FMVNBP198, FMVNBP199, FMVNBP218, FMVNBP233, FPB0319S, FPC04852DK, FPCAC118AQ, FPCBP120AP, FPCBP145, FPCBP145AP, FPCBP145AP FPCBP218AP, FPCBP159AP, FPCBP160AP, FPCBP161AP, FPCBP179AP, FPCBP218, FPCBP219, FPCBP222AP, FPCBP233AP, FPCBP263, FPCBP282, FPCBP282-K, FPCBP283AP, FPCBP325-K, FPCBP344, FPCBP410, FPCBP449, FPCSP274, PCBP119AP, PXW1931N, S26391-F405-L600, S26391-F5039-L410, S26391-F545-L100, S26391-F574-L100, S26391-F886-L100, SQU-905

Dati tecnici

Tecnologia: Li-ion
Volt: 10.8
Capacità: 4400mAh / 47.52Wh
Colore: Black
Dimensioni: 204.60 x 41.90 x 20.75mm

Informazioni aggiuntive

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